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Antigo Arborists: Tree removal in Antigo

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If you are interested in having a tree safely removed from your yard, you should contact a professional tree removal service for more information on the process. Antigo Arborists has contact information on its website for customers who have questions about cost estimates, payment plans or any aspect of tree and stump removal. With assistance from these professionals, you can enjoy maintaining a more aesthetically pleasing yard.

Though trees often add beauty to a property, many homeowners occasionally find themselves in a position where removing a tree from their yard is the wisest course of action. Because the tree removal process is a complicated and potentially dangerous one, it is best to consult professional arborists rather than undertake the procedure yourself. These professionals are trained in using certain methods for cutting trees and pulling out stumps in a safe and aesthetic manner.

Homeowners often decide to have a tree removed from their property due to health and safety reasons. A tree that is diseased, dying or dead not only makes for an unattractive sight, but can also cause considerable damage to homes and power lines if limbs break off on their own. At times, healthy trees pose a safety risk due to their location and need to be removed rather than trimmed down. Tree removal may also take place as a result of new homeowners wanting to change the appearance of the yard to suit their individual tastes.

At Antigo Arborists the three most important aspects of tree removal include personal safety, property protection, and efficiency. Being in business as long as we have, we have seen most every precarious situation before and are therefore prepared (trained and insured) and equipped to address it. In many cases (if accessible) we utilize our 70-foot aerial bucket truck to section the tree down in manageable pieces, but if not, we climb the tree with a harness and ropes, and expertly and safely cut branches and tree. In other cases where your project requires neither of the above methods, our well-experienced staff has been capably removing trees for over a quarter century. No matter the method, Antigo Arborists completes the job without any damage to your yard.

Grinding is the method Antigo Arborists recommends for stump removal. It is fast, easy to clean up, and disrupts a far smaller area of your yard. The only exception would involve if the stumps are located in an area where new construction is about to take place, whereby since a backhoe is required for new construction, it could be used for pre-construction stump removal also. Antigo Arborists usually grinds yard stumps 6 to 8 inches below the grade. After grinding, a pile of debris remains, which is removed, followed by leveling the remaining hole, and adding topsoil and grass seed.